Q.  Can I use the Boomerang power supply outside of the United States?
A.   Yes, but only if you have one of our international power supplies.  If you buy a Phrase Sampler from us we will send the appropriate power supply for the region we are shipping it to.  WARNING - it is not safe for the pedal to use a wall adaptor only intended for 120volts in a 220volts or higher power outlet.   If you are unsure which power supply you have please contact Boomerang Support before using it


Q.  What are the power requirements for the Rang™ III, Side Car™ controller and Chorus*Delay?
A.  The E-Series pedals are very forgiving and will work with many types of power supplies. Most supplies with the one of the following output specifications will work: 

Always OK
1) 9VAC, 500 to 1500mA
2) 9VDC positive tip, 500 to 1000mA

Usually OK *
3) 9VDC or 12VDC negative tip, 500 to 1000mA

* If your DC supply is ISOLATED the polarity of the plug doesn't matter (can be either + centered or - centered). If the supply is not isolated (either directly or through other pedals which may be connecting one side of the supply to the audio common) you must use a + center plug. 
* In order to provide for some flexibility in power sources for the E-Series pedals, the power jack is NOT connected directly to the audio signal ground but is routed through a full-wave bridge rectifier prior to a connection to all internal circuitry. This approach allows for the use of AC power sources and auto-sensing of DC power sources but mandates that the power source MUST BE FULLY ISOLATED from any direct or indirect path to the ground side of any audio/control inputs or outputs connected to the pedal. A direct path could be created by using a power supply that uses a 3-wire mains plug and has one side of the output connected to the mains ground (rare). An indirect connection can occur when a single power source is 'daisy chained' between several pedals and one or more of the additional pedals has its audio ground connected directly to one side of its power jack (common). In this case one wire in the power cable attached to the E-Series pedal is indirectly connected to the audio signal ground and this violates the full isolation requirement. This situation cannot only create a 'ground loop' hum problem but could also severely damage the power supply and/or the E-Series pedals. In general it is recommended that the E-Series pedals always be powered with the power adapter supplied with each unit. Boomerang Looper LLC cannot be held responsible for any damages which result from the use of any power source other than the one supplied with each unit. 

Q.  What are the power requirements for the Original and Rang™ Plus loopers?
A.  Our first two loopers can only operate with AC power. A compatible supply must have these output specs: 9-10VAC, 500-1000mA. A standard stomp box 9VDC supply will NOT work with the Rang™ Plus or Original. 

Q.  What do the different output specifications on power supplies mean?
A.  All power supplies that plug into the wall are called AC adapters because the wall power is AC (Alternating Current), but they can OUTPUT either AC or DC (Direct Current). There are NO polarity issues with a power supply that outputs AC; this only applies to power supplies that output DC. 

Voltage rating of a power supply
Stated in V (volts), this is the critical number. Running a 9V device on an 18V power supply will make it run hot and cause damage. A 9V device won't run on a 6V power supply. 

Amperage rating of a power supply
Stated in mA (milliamperes), this is the current rating and represents a maximum capability. Unlike the voltage, it is not a constant value. The power supply will deliver only what the device asks for. If a pedal wants 600mA and the supply can provide only 300mA, then it won't work though no damage will occur. On the other hand a pedal needing 400mA will work OK with a 750mA supply.