Q.   I bought a Boomerang Phrase III prior to 2018. How to I find out which firmware I have?
A.   That info is listed on our webpage under Support/Firmware.



Q.  I bought a Boomerang Phrase III after January 2018. Which firmware is installed on it? 
A.  Boomerang IIIs sold after January 2018 ALL have firmware version 3.4 installed on them. There won't be any future updates to this version. 



Q.  How do I update the firmware on my old Boomerang Phrase III Sampler?
A.  A complete guide to updating the firmware is available on our webpage. Support/firmware.



Q.  What if I'm unable to successfully update the firmware?
contact support@boomeranglooper.com



Q.  Permanent loop storage?
A.  The III loses its mind when power is removed; no loops are saved. However, your parameter settings are preserved. 



Q.  MIDI sync?
A.  Why, yes. Don't mind if I do. The III can sync to an external MIDI clock, and responds to the MIDI Start and Stop commands. It's possible to sync multiple IIIs to an external clock. Recently I had a drum machine playing along with EIGHT loops on two IIIs. It was all in glorious sync, and I could start and stop the entire "orchestra" from the drum machine. 


Q.  Recording time?
A.  Sampling at 48KHz, the III records for 8 minutes 46 seconds in mono. Sampling at 24KHz, the time is 17 minutes 32 seconds. Record with 24KHz sampling and Octave active (half-speed), and recording time is over 35 minutes. Stereo recording cuts all times in half. 


Q.  Memory?
A.  The III has 64MB of memory and it is not expanable. 


Q.  Compact flash cards?
A.  There is no card slot for removable media. 


Q.  Will the Rang™ III improve my sex life?
A.  Yes, and some users have experienced an improved sense of well being too. 


Q.  XLR connectors?
A.  There are no XLR connectors. There are 2 unbalanced TS Inputs, 2 unbalanced TS Outputs and a TRS expression pedal jack. All connectors are 1/4" phone jacks. 


Q.  Playing multiple loops?
A.  Yes, the III can play 4 loops at once, either synced or completely independent of each other. 


Q.  USB port?
A.  There is no USB port.