Wholly Roller Volume/Expression

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The Wholly Roller™ Volume/Expression Pedal is quite versatile. While it's a perfect companion for either the Rang™ III or Rang™ Chorus*Delay pedals, it can be used with any manufacturers' effects that accept a TRS expression pedal input. The initial version is mono but it can easily be produced as a stereo model if there is demand. The impedance is 300K ohm, ±10%. The foot print is 6" x 3.5", and it's about 2 1/8" tall.

• It's small! It won't take up much precious pedal board space.

• Can be a compact volume pedal: volume in / volume out.

• Can be a compact expression pedal: 2 jacks to accommodate varying polarities of different effects.

• Two through output jacks for connection to a tuner or for other signal routing.

• 17" TRS patch cable is included.

• Rugged 6" x 3.5" x 2" steel chassis.

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