SuperLooper Extended Warranty

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Your Boomerang is built like a tank but we realize unexpected things can happen and want you to feel completely covered. That’s where the SuperLooper, no fault warranty comes in. You get a total coverage of 2 years and a no hassle FREE replacement if your pedal fails, gets tossed off the back of a truck, or total zombie apocalypse annihilation. No matter what the situation, we’ve got your covered.


  • 2 years of full coverage (no fault, free replacement).

  • One free replacement per extended warranty.

  • Warranty is not transferable and only covers the original owner.

  • Original pedal must be returned first before receiving a replacement.

  • An RA number must be provided by Boomerang before you can send your broken Boomerang back.

  • After the Boomerang is replaced, you get a 90 day warranty or the remainder of your existing 2 year warranty, whichever comes first. The remaining warranty on the replacement Boomerang pedal will cover manufacturer's defects only.  

  • SuperLooper warranty must be purchased within 30 days of purchasing your Boomerang.

  • The warranty is a total of 24 months from the day you purchased your Boomerang pedal.

  • Refundable up to 30 days after the purchase of your Boomerang pedal.  

  • FREE  Overnight shipping both ways!


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