PS-9I 9 volt DC Power Supply (International)

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This 9 volt DC center positive wall adapter is safe for use with most of our pedals. Please see the compatibility chart below. Do you travel internationally? This product is safe for use in most regions around the world. (Bag of detachable AC clips included (US,UK,AU,EU).

Phrase Sampler (Original) 
Phrase Sampler Plus
Chorus Delay (E-155) X  
Sidecar Controller (E-157)  X  
Phrase III (E-156) purchased  between  2009-2019 X  
Phrase III (E-156) purchased during or after January of 2020   X

Not sure which model you have? send us an email at and someone will assist you.

Input Voltage:  95-240 switching
Output Voltage: 9 volt DC (center positive)
Current: 1,100mA (1.1A)
Tip Barrel Outer Diameter: 5.5mm
Tip Barrel Inner Diameter:  2.5mm

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